I am an evolutionary biologist and currently a PhD student in Dr. Stuart-fox lab since 2018. My PhD project focuses on colouration and thermoregulation of jewel beetles.

My research interests include animal colouration, behavioural ecology, and functional morphology. During my undergraduate, I studied the relationship between population density and functional trait of a territorial lizard in Dr. Wen-San Huang’s group. After that, I started several research projects on the aposematic weevil, Pachyrhynchus sarcitis. I investigated their defence mechanism during my master’s in Dr. Chung-Ping Lin’s group (co-supervised by Dr. Wen-San Huang). Later, I worked on several topics, including morphology,  material properties, and attachment of the weevil in Dr. Stanislav N. Gorb’s group. More details about my research experiences can be found in Research and Publication.

Contact me: luyi.wang@student.unimelb.edu.au

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