I am an evolutionary biologist from Taiwan and moved to Australia to start my PhD in Stuart-fox Lab in 2018. My current project focuses on colouration and thermoregulation of jewel beetles. Specifically, I look into the visual benefits of seeing far-red wavelengths and the role of near-infrared plays in thermoregulation.

I have broad interests in animal colouration, behavioural ecology,  macroevolution, functional morphology and biomechanics, with a particular focus on understanding the adaptive value of functional traits. Before moving to Melbourne, I studied the secondary defense and the underlying biomechanics of the aposematic weevil, Pachyrhynchus sarcitis in Taiwan (National Taiwan Normal University) and Germany (Kiel University). Details of my research can be found in Research and Publication.

Contact me: luyiwangtw@gmail.com; luyiw@student.unimelb.edu.au

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